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Session Sneak Peek: Kellen Cowan

March 21, 2024

Kellen Cowan is the Co-owner of Newave Solutions, where he brings over fifteen years of invaluable experience in the technology industry to the forefront. In his role, Kellen oversees a dynamic and expanding team of technical professionals, all dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of technology and cybersecurity. His leadership and vision are instrumental in driving the company’s success and ensuring clients receive top-tier IT solutions.

Beyond his role in the tech world, Kellen is deeply committed to community development. He channels his energy and passion into the local non-profit organization SOML Inc., where he actively contributes to the growth and empowerment of men within our community. Through SOML Inc., he fosters personal and professional development, creating a positive impact on individuals and the community at large.

Q&A with Kellen Cowan


OSCPA: Why should members attend your session?
Cowan: Members should attend my session because it's not just another talk about cybersecurity – it's an immersive journey into the heart of digital defense. In today's hyper-connected world, where cyber threats lurk around every corner, knowledge is power. My session, "Adapting to the New Normal: Tech Advances & Cyber Strategies in Data Protection," goes beyond the typical lecture format. It's an interactive experience where participants will discover the latest cybersecurity trends and learn actionable strategies to safeguard their digital assets. This session offers something for everyone, equipping you with the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

OSCPA: What motivates you to continue to be an expert on cybersecurity?
Cowan: My passion for cybersecurity stems from a deep-seated desire to empower individuals and organizations to navigate the digital world safely. Every day, we witness the transformative power of technology, but with it comes inherent risks. As an expert in cybersecurity, I'm driven by the belief that knowledge is the key to resilience. By staying at the forefront of industry trends and sharing my expertise, I strive to arm others with the awareness and skills they need to protect themselves against cyber threats.

OSCPA: How has your experience shaped your view of cybersecurity?
Cowan: My journey in cybersecurity has been both eye-opening and humbling. With each new challenge, I've gained a deeper appreciation for the complexity of the digital landscape and the ingenuity of cyber adversaries. Through firsthand experience, I've witnessed the devastating impact of cyber attacks on individuals and businesses alike. This has reinforced my commitment to advocating for fostering a culture of vigilance and preparedness.

OSCPA: What makes this session unique?
Cowan: What sets my session apart is its dynamic approach to cybersecurity education. Rather than inundating participants with technical jargon, I strive to demystify complex concepts and make them accessible to all audiences. Through engaging discussions, real-world examples, and interactive exercises, attendees will not only deepen their understanding of cybersecurity principles but also walk away with practical insights they can apply immediately. Moreover, my session isn't just about imparting knowledge – it's about sparking a mindset shift. By instilling a proactive approach to cybersecurity, participants will be empowered to proactively mitigate risks and protect themselves in an increasingly interconnected world.

OSCPA: Are there any misconceptions about cybersecurity you would like to clear up?
Cowan: One common misconception about cybersecurity is that it's solely the responsibility of IT professionals. In reality, cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility. Whether you're a CEO, an employee, or a consumer, your actions – or lack thereof – can have profound implications for digital security. Another misconception is that cybersecurity is purely a technical issue. While technology certainly plays a crucial role, effective cybersecurity also hinges on human factors such as awareness, behavior, and culture. By debunking these misconceptions and fostering a holistic understanding of cybersecurity, we can create a more resilient and secure digital ecosystem for all.

April Lunch + Learn: Adapting to the New Normal: Tech Advantages & Cyber Strategies in Data Protection

April 16 | 11:30 am | Oklahoma City | Virtual