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Discussion Leaders


The OSCPA takes great pride in offering the quality education our attendees depend on. We are always looking for local subject matter experts who are engaging and enthusiastic about the accounting profession. Are you ready to become a discussion leader? The information below will let you know how to get started.

What to Consider

  • What areas can you speak on?
    Please only select topics you feel confident presenting on. Knowing your areas of expertise will help us match your skill set. 
  • How long are you comfortable speaking?
    Presentations range from 1- to 8-hour courses. Discussion leaders are required to create content unless otherwise noted. Discussion leaders are also required to speak for the full duration of the event to meet CPE credit requirements. 
  • Is there a specific format you prefer?
    We offer a variety of CPE options to meet our members' needs. Unless noted, we will reach out to you for available online, in-person and self-study opportunities. 
  • Tell us about yourself!
    We would love to get to know you better! Include information about yourself, your career and your experience. 

Types of Opportunities 

  • Conferences - OSCPA conference sessions range from one to two hours. 
  • Seminars - OSCPA seminars are either 4- or 8-hours. Presentation materials will be provided to help you prepare. 
  • Ethics - OSCPA ethics courses are 2 hours, with the option to present twice in one day (morning and afternoon). 
  • Lunch + Learns - OSCPA lunch and learn sessions are one hour. 
  • OSCPA Webcasts - OSCPA webcasts range from 1 to 4 hours. All events are held online only.  

Get Started!

Many of our speaking opportunities are voluntary in nature. The OSCPA does offer reimbursement for travel expenses directly related to your speaking engagement. We ask that you let us know upfront what your expectations and requirements are when booking. 

Interested in joining our discussion leader roster? Fill out our Discussion Leader Questionnaire and we'll work on matching you with an OSCPA event that meets both your interests and expertise.

Do you know a qualified speaker? Email the Education Team and we will reach out to your contact directly.