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Find a CPA Directory

Find a CPA Directory

Individuals, businesses, and CPAs looking for financial services often rely on the OSCPA to refer them to local, qualified practitioners specializing in their areas of interest. So, to meet the needs of our members and the general public our Find a CPA directory was born. Consumers, businesses, and CPAs can visit our Find a CPA directoryto find a list of qualified CPAs in their area.

Enroll Your Firm


  • Pay a $100 registration fee. After enrollment, firms will be billed annually and will renew the January 1st. 
  • 100% VIP Firms will automatically receive a listing, FREE. Interested in becoming a 100% VIP Firm? Find out more! 
  • Firms/sole practitioners must meet the registration requirements listed below:

Find a CPA Directory Requirements

  • Practice is not required to accept an engagement from the referred party.
  • Practice must supply an email address for the primary contact and, if possible, a secondary contact.
  • Practice unit must be licensed by the Oklahoma Accountancy Board to practice public accounting.
  • Practice unit must not have any pending disciplinary actions against it and must be in good standing with the Oklahoma Accountancy Board and the OSCPA Ethics Committee.
  • The signer of the application form and all eligible partners or shareholders must hold membership in the OSCPA.

*Only Firm Administrators will be able to enroll a firm in the program. If you are unable to do so, please contact the Membership Department for help.