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Frequently Asked Questions


Here, we've compiled answers to common queries about our organization, membership, events, and more. Whether you're a current member, a prospective CPA, or someone interested in our activities, you'll find valuable information to enhance your experience with us. 

Explore the FAQs to gain insights into membership benefits, upcoming events, professional development opportunities, and the vital role CPAs play in our community. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us. Your journey with the Oklahoma Society of CPAs starts here, where clarity meets curiosity.

Membership FAQs

How do I change my password?

You can reset your password by visiting the password reset section of the website. 

Do disabled members receive a discounted membership?

Absolutely. To qualify, please contact our Membership Team.

I have not been receiving OSCPA emails. What should I do?

First, try contacting our Membership Team to make sure your communications preferences have not changed. If your preferences are set up correctly, then check your email spam filter to make sure OSCPA emails are not going to your junk mail folder.  

If I am currently unemployed, but start a new job later in the year, will I need to contact the OSCPA to pay more membership dues?

You will want to contact the Membership Team to update your information. However, your membership status will remain the same until the end of the fiscal year (April). You will not have to pay any dues again until the next fiscal year. 

Where can I change my membership category (ex: Associate, Fellow, Retired, etc.) on the website?

To update your membership category, please get in touch with our Membership Team.

If I live in Oklahoma but have a license from another state, what membership category do I fit in?

Your home address will be the factor that qualifies you for in-state or out-of-state membership. If your home address is in Oklahoma, then you are an in-state member. 

What percentage of dues is used for lobbying?

The non-deductible portion of the dues is 12 percent, which is allocable to lobbying. The Educational Foundation of the OSCPA is a 501(c)(3) organization, and contributions or gifts are deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes. 

What are the requirements to maintain my AICPA-OSCPA Life Insurance?

For specific questions about your AICPA policy, contact

How do I enroll my firm/company in the 100% VIP Program?

To qualify as a 100% VIP, you must have at least two or more CPAs working at your firm or company who are also members of the OSCPA. You can find more information on our 100% VIP page. 

What steps do I take to enroll my firm in the Find a CPA referral program? 

Listing your firm in the Find a CPA listing is easy. Contact our Membership Team to get started. 

Where can I find more information about my free CPE member benefit?

OSCPA members will receive 20 hours of free CPE included in their membership renewal. Learn more here.

When is the deadline to pay my dues?

Dues are due by May 31st. You can check to see if you have a balance by visiting the dues section of your profile. 


Can I pay for my event registration and my colleague's registration?

Yes. Please contact our CPE Team. If you are a firm administrator, you are able to make payments online on the Firm Administrator Panel

Can I pay for CPE by check?

Yes. On the checkout screen, you will see an "add alternate billing information" option. This will allow you to print an invoice and mail a check to the OSCPA office at
5201 N. Shartel Ave
Oklahoma City, OK  73118

My live-stream session stopped working. How can I access the information I missed?

We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, sometimes technical errors occur due to circumstances outside of our control. Please contact the CPE Team so we can assist you as quickly as possible. 

Is the OSCPA an IRS-approved CE (CPE) provider?

No. The OSCPA is not currently an IRS-approved CE (CPE) provider. 

Can a firm administrator download eMaterials for another employee?

No. Firm administrators don't have access to other employee's courses. The employee has to sign in to their My CPE section of the website to download eMaterials.

I didn't fulfill all of my CPE requirements last year. How do I stay in good standing?

Please contact the Oklahoma Accountancy Board (OAB) at (405) 521-2397 to get more information. 

I'm looking for Oklahoma-specific content. What is the OSCPA offering?

The OSCPA works to be a leader on relevant issues in Oklahoma, offering courses on both federal and state topics. Many of our courses are presented by local speakers, who will include state-specific information. To find courses you're interested in, visit our Course Catalog. 

How do I access online courses (i.e. live streams, virtual events, and webcasts)?

You will receive an email from the OSCPA with instructions on how to access your course. You can also access the course link by visiting your My CPE page. If you have not received an email one week before your course, please contact our CPE Team

Where can I find more information about my free CPE benefit?

OSCPA members receive 20 hours of free CPE included in their membership renewal. Learn more here.

Is there a transfer fee for hybrid events?

Registrants who transfer from the in-person to the virtual option within two weeks of the event will incur a switch fee depending on the length of the course. However, there is no switch fee for registrants transferring from virtual to in-person. 

Communications FAQs

How many issues of the OSCPA’s magazine, CPAFOCUS, are published annually?

There are six issues of the magazine published annually. Members will receive a printed or digital copy (based on their preferences) bi-monthly.

When will I receive my issue of the OSCPA newsletter, the Wire?

The Wire is emailed weekly, every Thursday morning. If you do not receive your issue, please reach out to our Communications Team so that we can help troubleshoot. 

How do I change my subscription preferences for the OSCPA’s newsletter, the Wire?

Members can opt into or out of our newsletter at any time. Email our Communications Team if you would like to make changes to your subscription preferences.

How do I change my subscription preferences for the OSCPA magazine, CPAFOCUS?

Members can opt out of a printed copy of our magazine and opt to receive your issue electronically by request. Email our Communications Team to opt for the digital version.

Can members submit articles for our publications?

Yes! We always encourage members to share their insight and knowledge of the profession through writing. All articles and ideas can be submitted to our Communications Team. After submission, articles are subject to approval by the OSCPA Editorial Board.

How do I share my achievements and accomplishments with other members?

We ask members to send their promotions, news, accomplishments, and other milestone moments to our Communications Team so that we can celebrate you. We ask that you include a professional headshot to accompany your news.

What is the OSCPA's photo policy? 

We highly value the experiences and interactions of our members, attendees, and participants during events. To help us capture these moments and share the vibrancy of our community, we engage in photography and videography during our events. You're invited to view our full photo policy and reach out to our Communications Team with any questions at any time.