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Exploring the Path to Becoming a CPA in Oklahoma

April 02, 2024

The landscape of the workforce has undergone a seismic shift in recent years. With remote work opportunities, focus on work-life balance, and an increasing jobs-workers gap, organizations nationwide are facing challenges to remain competitive and attract talent. This trend carries through the accounting and finance industry and throughout Oklahoma.

To deepen our understanding of these issues and the influence they hold regarding Oklahoma and the accounting profession, the OSCPA conducted a survey of current members, requesting their insights about the CPA pipeline and licensing requirements.

The Shifting Dynamic of Priorities in the Workforce

Based on respondent feedback, the vast majority of current Oklahoma CPAs considered career opportunities as one of the most important factors when choosing to become a CPA. In comparison, among student members, only 42% considered it as an important factor.

Instead, the most valued factors for student members was tied between work-life balance and salary.

The Correlation Between Job Preparedness and Credit Requirements

A noteworthy 91% of respondents who are current CPAs believed they were somewhat or very prepared for their career regardless of education requirements at the time of earning their CPA designation, compared to 9% who felt not very prepared (>1%) or not at all prepared (8%).

Respondents ranged in career tenure and included CPAs with less than 1 year of experience through those with 20+ years, with 73% of respondents having 20+ years of experience.

Considering Alternative Pathways to CPA Licensure

Among the respondents who support alternative pathways to achieve CPA licensure, 84% believe work experience should be considered while 60% support additional business or accounting coursework.

Mobility Remains Important 

The ability to practice across state lines remains an important consideration for Oklahoma CPAs as changes to licensure requirements are explored.

As the topic of CPA licensure and pipeline challenges continue to evolve, the OSCPA remains committed to advocating for the profession, supporting accounting professionals, and attracting students to accounting careers.

This data was collected as part of a members-only survey conducted by the OSCPA. Data represents responses gathered from participating current members.